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Christmas is a year-round activity at Camden Ranch:

Spring Planting
Two-year old seedlings are individually hand planted each Spring at Camden Ranch. Did you know that for every Christmas tree harvested, two seedlings are planted in its place? Nationally, there are about 1 million acres in Christmas tree production. Each acre satisfies the daily oxygen requirements for 18 people! Christmas trees are truly a renewable resource and an environmentally correct choice.
Summer Shearing
Each tree is given a “custom cut” with the shearing machine to help produce a beautiful full and conical shape. Our varieties are Grand Fir, Blue Spruce, and Scotch Pine. At Camden Ranch, Christmas trees remain firmly established as part of our holiday customs, engaging our senses of sight, touch and smell and most important of all, our sense of tradition.
Fall Preparation
Enthusiasm and anticipation for Christmas begin each Fall at Camden Ranch! Balancing projects around the ranch is a tricky task. Our goal is to make your visit a truly memorable and fun family tradition.
Getting Ready for Santa
Here comes Santa Claus and our crew is preparing a safe landing site!
Winter Hayride Fun
The fun begins! At Camden Ranch, our hayride takes you to and from the plantation trees. We provide the saws and the friendliest crew to help you. Also, our crew shakes and bales your tree for easy transport home. Browse in our gift shop and choose from unique gifts. Visit our wreath designers who will be demonstrating wreath making and will be available to customize your wreath requests.

Enjoy Complimentary Coffee or Hot Apple Cider
After you ‘capture’ your tree, come to the Cider Barn to warm up with your choice of coffee or hot apple cider. It’s on the house! A selection of snacks is also available for purchase.
Browse in our Gift Shop
Camden Ranch has a fully-stocked gift shop where you can find that unique
gift to make your Christmas complete. Click here to see what is inside!